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September 2004 - Tunnel Vision?

As Winter's tail gives one last (?) flick and we are treated to more Wellington style weather here in the West, it is hard to see when Spring will finally be seen to have sprung. The Daffodils in our garden don't seem to mind as they continue to bob their golden heads in the wind and shine through the rain providing hope that Spring is indeed close at hand. The hope they offer is a boon as I head of through the wind and rain to the bus.

This winter has been a dreary affair with the weather mixed in with a rather turbulent few months. At times it has been hard to see the way forward as I have been easily convinced the light I was seeing at the end of the tunnel was indeed another train coming. As we finally draw near to the end of the tunnel I can see that in fact the light is not yet another train but rather the dawning of a new phase in the saga that is life.

Many things have come to an end, others have made palpable progress and others again have started up. The Perth meeting is coming together nicely and hopefully most of the hiccups are out of the way now. The vision the LOC held can be seen becoming a reality at last. We have finally gotten a research project underway that has been talked about for far too long. Yes, there are many other projects and ideas simmering that will not see the light of day for a while yet but hey the important thing is to have something happening. My new Team Member is quickly finding her feet and has already survived her first appraisal.

It has taken a while to get to this point and for some time the ideas and the work were simply piling up around us. We seemed to be working harder and harder with less and less to show for it. It is all too easy to lose sight of where we are heading. This usually manifests itself as short-term goals not being met. This can only be avoided by ensuring there is a long term vision or plan guiding the team. Failure to achieve a short term goal should be looked on as an aberration just as a one off Biological Control data point may be allowed to lie outside the control limits. It is OK to feel despondent when the work is piling up around you and progress seems to have ceased so long as the frustration is recognised and shared. Collectively solutions will be found that cannot be found in isolation. Sharing the long-term vision and your frustration in a safe environment is the surest way I know to ensure the approaching train is diverted before entering the tunnel.

My daffodils, are they truly beacons of hope or are they simply daft dills that should know better than to bloom before Spring gets here? I, for one, am very glad they give no credence to the weather.

Enjoy Spring when it finally gets here.

Till next time,


September, 2004




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