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October 2009 -Randomness

As I pen this there are only 84 days to Christmas, less than 60 working days for most. Christmas decorations and the like are appearing in the shops and it is hard to avoid the fact that 2009 has nearly slipped away. And what a lot of happenings still to be fitted in before the big day - WA and NZ have their regional meetings, the first Roadshow happens and abstracts have to be prepared for next year's ASM.

I was counting on the arrival of Spring to bring about a renewal of enthusiasm and energy but it seems, at least over here, that the wrong mailing address was used. September was the wettest, greyest and coldest on record. We have been lulled into, I suspect, a false sense of security this last couple of days, which have, I must admit, been glorious.

What has this to do with anything in particular? Not a lot really, but it is that sort of a Friday afternoon. I like to think that random thoughts should be encouraged. Letting the mind wander - so long as the piece of string remains attached so it can find its way back! - is a good way of putting the brain into neutral. I wrote a couple of months ago about some thoughts arising from Taoist philosophy. The same principle applies here. By disengaging your mind from the troubles and difficulties of the day, you allow the seeds of new ideas to germinate and grow. It is a good way to end the working day. You might even want to come back tomorrow!

The alternative is to leave the brain engaged, take the problems home and dread coming back tomorrow. Is that really a choice?

'til next month,


October, 2009




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