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November 2009 -When is enough enough?

Well the Hong Kong Roadshow is behind us. What a wonderful experience it was and I feel very lucky to have been one of the three asked to participate in the presentations. Yes, I was having major misgivings before I went, but the difficulties of fitting a 2 day workshop on exercise into an hour and a bit were a small price to pay.

Our hosts treated us royally and were truly appreciative of our efforts. It is indeed a privilege to talk to an audience that is so receptive and so hungry for more. Several of the Physicians commented that they were surprised how many of the Research Nurses were asking questions, something that does not usually happen. The sharing of knowledge and experience is the reward of teaching. A reward that is, sadly, not always delivered.

Of course, I come back inspired by the experience and have an even greater conflict between wanting to cut back on commitments yet wanting to get more involved in the Roadshow Programme! It seems that the harder I try to cut down on workload, the more interesting and rewarding things land on my desk, both internal and external projects - business cases, research, accreditation, roadshows, GP education, governance, LOC - the list goes on. Oh and the web-site of course! I clearly need a minder!

This begs the question as to when is enough enough? There is a very fine line separating the ability to do things well and the consequences of failing to let go before you start to lose the ability to do the job well. This relates to both the quality of work and the quantity. Trouble is, that as one matures the eyesight starts failing and that line becomes more difficult to see. With a rapidly approaching birthday, that people are making a fuss about, I am becoming acutely aware of the need to keep my eyes focussed on that line, difficult as that may be. Innovation and progress are fuelled by new blood. Whether it be the web-site or regional rep roles, it is not a case of filling someone else's shoes, but taking on a role and making it your own. This is the way you build your skill set, your personal stature, not in an egotistical sense but rather in confidence and experience.

So, I think it really is time that others came forth to discuss whether they may like to take on looking after the web-site. I am fast approaching the point where I would rather apply my skill(?) set to other initiatives - assuming of course my input would be wanted. I need to develop my own skill set further by pushing the boundaries of what I am comfortable with. What I really have to be careful to avoid, is stepping across that line, and allowing enough to become too much.


November, 2009




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