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November 2007 - How much can be taken ?

This month's edition of anzsrs.org.au includes a summary of the responses to the recently run web-site user survey. The response rate was approximately 15% of financial members so it can hardly be considered representative. The survey I ran when I first took over the web-site some 7 years back yielded a response rate of 27%. Back then the membership was significantly smaller and the hit rate was around 1000 from Australia and New Zealand. When you consider the site registered around 8,000 hits from Australia and New Zealand, in October this year, one is forced to stop and take stock. Did the same people respond both times, I wonder?

It is certainly true that in any organisation, the minority do the work. My perception, rightly or wrongly, is that our Society is seeing more and more work done by a diminishing percentage of the membership. This frightens me as I see more and more being taken from these members. That can only continue for a finite period of time before people start to burn out. I fear we are looking at a Society led by burnt out members in the forseeable future.

As the calls go out for volunteers for a variety of Society offices, from the Executive through State reps to standing committees, over the next few months, we all need to ponder what we can do for the Society and what we want from the Society.

I will leave the survey summary to speak for itself and perhaps fuel a discussion at your next branch meeting.

'til next month,


November, 2007




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