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May 2002

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be regular columns appearing on the Website. I opened my mouth at the wrong time and, as a price for my lack of foresight, The Board saw fit to appoint me the new Website Coordinator for ANZSRS. I stress the word "Coordinator", as that is my role. If you, the membership, have nothing for me to "coordinate" then that will be fine, my job will not be onerous. If you do have much to "coordinate" then I will be looking for some help!

Most of you will know who I am, but I should give you a little background so you can appreciate the perspective from which I will be coming. My doctoral work, and my early research activity, was in Clinical Biochemistry, specifically the role of Insulin-like peptides in the growth and development of the rat. Fourteen and a bit years back I leapt into the unknown and took a position at Wellington Hospital as a Physiologist. It seemed logical to me at the time. I am currently responsible for the Respiratory Laboratory at Wellington Hospital, ably supported by 4 scientists. I also function as Service Manager for Respiratory Services at Wellington Hospital and as a Clinical Lecturer at the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Most of my clinical time is spent with exercise physiology and sleep disorders medicine.

Having leapt into the dark, and been largely self-educated in terms of Respiratory Physiology, I have a particular interest in mentoring others and providing support to those who, perhaps, lack support in their own environment. I believe passionately in trying to develop people both personally and professionally.

My Vision for the Website is that it be a magazine. It should be a resource that will inform you, teach you, entertain you and challenge you. This is not to reduce in significance anything that has been done to date. We should be very proud of and grateful for what Jeff has achieved. The Website is a superb and flattering window on the Society. Anything that I might be able to achieve could not stand without the work Jeff has done before me. Thanks Jeff.

If I am to make my vision a reality, I need to know what it is that you would like to see on the Website. I have a number of ideas that will appear over time, a couple being apparent in this, my first update. What is more important at the moment, however, is to learn what you would find useful and / or interesting. I want all ideas, off the wall and others. Ideas that may not be practicable today may well become commonplace tomorrow. What have you seen on other sites that appealed to you? Why is your favourite site your favourite site? Please e-mail me with your ideas. I promise you that all suggestions will be considered and noted.

I do not want to run in competition with Mouthpiece but there will clearly be overlap. I see Mouthpiece developing into more of a Journal. The printed page is easier to keep on the shelf and dig into from time to time. I find that if there is something useful on a Web Page, I print it off and then if I want to keep it I have the hassle of storing pieces of paper. What I want to do is capitalise on the immediacy of the Internet. I hope to work closely with Cecilia and material that appears on the Website will hopefully lead to material appearing in Mouthpiece. Perhaps a discussion thread may develop on the site that could appear in summary form in Mouthpiece; perhaps questions posted on the Noticeboard could lead to a review in Mouthpiece; ..

This adventure promises to be exciting as I leap into uncharted waters yet again. If only I would learn to stop jumping in at the deep end! I look forward to receiving your ideas and hope I can translate them into reality for you.

'til next time,





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