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February 2008 - Defining moments

There has been much talk of defining moments since Gilly dropped a catch and decided it was time he quit. Did that missed catch do it or was it just the straw that tipped the balance? Was it spur of the moment, or was it long considered. After all he managed some superb catches after that fateful one.

There are lessons here for all of us I suspect. I keep muttering about quitting my role as web-site führer but have yet to make the break. How do you know when it is time to relinquish a role? Do you wait until you get to the stage you dread having to do the job? Do you wait until you can no longer see the monitor clearly enough to see what you are typing? Do you wait until your train of thought fails to provoke some while enthusing others? Do you simply say "Enough!" And hang up your mouse?

It is a hard call. Hang around too long and the good that has been achieved is lost as people switch off. Don't hang around long enough for an orderly transition and the gains are lost as well. 'Tis a fine line I fear.

How can one recognise THE sign when it appears? Wish I had the answer to that one! I am mindful of the scene in Under the Tuscan Sun when the author is trying to buy her Tuscan Villa. The elderly Mama selling the property said she couldn't sell to her as she hadn't had the sign. She didn't know what the sign was but she knew she hadn't had it. Shortly thereafter, as Frances was leaving, a pigeon flew into the room and proceeded to "anoint" her. The Mama leapt up and said the sign had been delivered and she could now sell her the Villa.

I think the important thing in any venture is to quit, not necessarily when you are ahead, but before you develop regrets. Some clear thinking (who am I trying to kid!) will need to be going on over the next few months as I wrestle with the right timing to hand over. I have no regrets so far but, after 68 Trains of Thought, it is starting to seem like a long time since I took over the role with no idea how I was going to the job.

Perhaps I need to wait and see whether Alison B gets anointed by a pigeon. That may be my defining moment I will know what has to be done.

'til next month, unless a pigeon gets me first,


February, 2008




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