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December 2007 - Ho! Ho! Ho!

As the year roars to a close it is time to step back and let go of the trials and tribulations of the past year. It is time to celebrate the successes, the advances and the growth of the last 12 months.

It seems that the more determined I am to cut back on the demands made on my time, the more challenges are laid in front of me. There appears to be some form of pervasive (perverse is a better word perhaps?) reverse logic at work here. I suspect I am not alone in this.

My own time poverty makes me very mindful of those who have consistently supported my efforts with the web-site. The beauty of e-mail is that I can visualise the smile as the send button is pressed to deliver the copy for the next issue - even if at the last minute (+?). I really do appreciate the efforts made by all contributors. Without you, there would be no web-site. Thank you.

As the year winds down, though it feels more like up at present, I realise how fortunate I am to be part of such a vigorous family that is ANZSRS. We are indeed fortunate we have so many prepared to do so much for the good of us all. Yes it would be nice to see more members involved, but it is the nature of societies that the minority always do the majority of the work. We have seen a great deal achieved already this last year, but over the next 12 months we will see a huge amount of behind the scenes work come to fruition. We owe a very considerable debt of thanks to those working away on our behalf.

As the year ends, there will be a number of changes amongst the office bearers in the Society, on the Executive, on committees, State Reps and so on. As new people assume new responsibilities, we must ensure we look after them by giving them our support and by mentoring them. This is an excellent way of replenishing the glue that holds the society together.

Take the time too, to celebrate with your team. There is much to celebrate in recognising achievements, both personal and Team, recognising successes and developing new aspirations for the future. This is not the time for regrets and failures. It is time to dream and ask "What if…?" Put your frustrations behind you so you can start 2008 without baggage.

It only remains for me to wish every one of you the peace and joy of Christmas and hope that you can start 2008 full of hope, dreams and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas!

'til next year,


December, 2007




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