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December 2005 - The year that was….

The muses have disappeared off the face of the Earth this month. I guess this is part of the A Syndrome. That dreaded deadline draws mightily close as I pen these thoughts(?). It has been a long road but the watering hole at the end of the road is finally in sight. Yes, there will likely be major editing required in the New Year, but at least the publisher's proof is nearly done!

This has been one helluva a year with the Accreditation project, major happenings within the Society, personal pressures, and pleasures I hasten to add, and new initiatives at work. Yes the day job really is a bugger! It is rather mind-numbing to look back and consider what has been achieved over the last year. It, is however important for us to do just that.

I may list achievements for myself but not a one of them would have become an achievement without the support of my own team and the membership of the Society at large. Whenever the Web-site gets too hard, I get an e-mail from someone expressing appreciation for what I have been doing. Agree or Disagree, that is not the issue. The knowledge that someone has found my thoughts and the site content useful is what makes it worthwhile. For those little notes I am extremely grateful.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their help with the site this year - the Board Reps and Exec for their contributions, Derek and latterly Skye for Ask Derek, Chris for Case of the Month, David for resurrecting Volume and latterly Alison for Library Corner. These are the people who make the site what it is. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

To all of you, take time to reflect and celebrate the achievements of 2005 with your team.

Have a safe and happy holiday and come back enthused and full of inspiration.



December, 2005




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