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April 2011 -Oh the relief!!

My third stint on an LOC is finally over! As rewarding as the role is, it is nice to think that I will be merely an onlooker next time the meeting comes to Perth - come to think of it with a little luck I will have retired! Ahhhh!!

I asked for perspectives on the meeting from the Regional Chairs in place of news this month in the hope of making their lives a little easier with the meeting being on at the time I would normally be assembling an issue. Accordingly, I should probably pass on a few thoughts of my own regarding the ASM.

First up I think Sharon did a great job of marshalling the forces and cracking the whip. She was indeed an excellent circus master. One of the rewards of being part of the group, was being part of a team who pulled together on everything. Over the two years or more that we worked on the meeting, there was never a sour word - a few fireworks nights perhaps! I am proud to have been part of such a team.

It was very rewarding to see how much you all enjoyed your time in Perth. We went to a lot of trouble to organise the weather and thankfully the 'big fella' listened to us. We couldn't have asked for better. We even forgot we were dining on a building site the evening was so pleasant.

One disconcerting vibration I picked up was a trend towards members wanting formulae and templates to deal with issues. This is a very modern trend and maybe I am simply showing my age here, but I believe that as professionals we should be applying our intellect and experience to problem solving and data analysis. If we profess to be technicians, then formulaic templates are fine. If, on the other hand, we aspire to being respected by our clinical colleagues then we have to win that respect through displaying our professional skills.

I was touched by several new members (including TSANZ) who commented that attending our meeting was like joining a big happy family. That was my own reaction when attending my first meeting of the Society in Adelaide a great many moons ago. It is a tribute to you all that the same environment still exists.

I enjoyed the meeting and it was very nice to catch up with friends, young and old. It was nice too, to be able to now put faces to names I have been corresponding with over the ether.

'til next month,


April, 2011




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Monday, 27 February 2012, 21:59:59