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April 2010 -Thinking laterally?

Well the dust has settled after another memorable ASM and, probably more importantly, a future changing AGM. The Society has passed the crossroads and embarked on a new era. It is now important that we all get behind the Board as it grapples with the not inconsiderable challenges involved in implementing the decisions taken at the AGM. Whether you agree with the change of direction or not, we must all accept the outcome and help the Society move forward and prosper.

The season has certainly changed here in Perth with the first spate of wintry weather making its presence felt. Getting up in the morning has become a lot harder as it is darker and the doona feels so much cosier. Demand for our services is swelling and there is less time for the "interesting" parts of our work. The ASM is over and the pressure to finish projects and presentations in readiness for the meeting has resolved. It becomes very easy to enter a sort of limbo.

It can be hard at this time of year to remain motivated and enthusiastic. We can easily convince ourselves of the need for a break then find it hard to get the momentum built up again. Tomorrow is always tomorrow, even tomorrow.

We need to set up relatively short term goals that we can look forward to accomplishing. Not only should these be work related but team related as well. Perhaps a Branch or Lab Mid Winter Christmas Dinner. Perhaps a Regional meeting with a speaker topic that is somewhat out of left field. Interacting as a team can be a powerful aid in maintaining enthusiasm.

Yes, with the turning of the season, this brain, for one, is struggling. Maybe I need to go teach Spirometry in Bali.

'til next time


April, 2010




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