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November 2003

The response to my request for information regrading the establishment of a Trade Directory was so underwhelming as to make me wonder whether there was any point. One member sent in some useful information and two trade people sent in some information. I will not give up yet but unless there is support then it is a waste of my time trying to build a resource. Likewise there has been minimal information and news sent in from our sustaining members this month.

I received some information from GlaxoSmithKline regarding monitoring the doses left in an MDI canister. The new propellants in use mean that canisters should not be dropped into a bucket of water to see whether they float or sink. If you do submerge the modern canisters there is a risk they will clog due to water getting into the delivery tube. I couldn't get an electronic copy of the letter due to GSK company policy so if you want further information I suggest you contact either your hospital rep or Marleen Plate, Medical Information Specialist on 1800 033 109.

Medtechnica sent in some information on Med graphics equipment.

I received an e-mail during the month to advise that Cosmed have revamped their web-site http://www.cosmed.it . I also received information about a hemoglobin analayser that goes by the name of HemoCue. This is a point of care device that could be of interest to Respiratory Function labs in conjunction with DLCO measurements. Check it out at http://www.hemocue.com or visit the agent's site at http://medipac.com.au. Leif Arnebark at Medipac Scientific can be contacted for further assistance at 1800 623 910.

Mat van Heerden has sent me information regarding new developments with the Morgan Mass Spectrometer which now has 7 channels and an expanded range to atomic mass of 200. Information is attached and further details can be obtained from Mat at technipro@technipro.com.au. Mat has also been travelling around much oif Australia with Kevin Budd, MD of Morgan medical and they have been or will be in

Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Kevin is en route to India for the Indian annual Respiratory meeting and I am assured the coincidence of England playing in the Rugby World Cup had nothing to do with the timing of the trip!

That looks like it for this month. Remember, any snippets of news from the Trade or from members are always appreciated.


Hi Kevin

Medipac Scientific are the sole importers of HemoCue Haemoglobin analysers. Recently we have had some strong interest in our analysers from the lung function labs. We have sold to the Adelaide Respiratory Specialists, Sir Charles Gardener, Flinders Medical centre and Queensland Pulmonary Diagnostics. We also currently have an analyser on trial at Westmead with Stephen West. The analysers are a small point of care item that deliver lab quality results. We would very much like to be noted in your suppliers database. If you would like to know more about HemoCue please call me on 1800623910 or visit www.hemocue.com or www.medipac.com.au (currently being updated)

Kind Regards

Leif Arnebark




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