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May 2003

I have had a lot of positive feedback from the Trade who were at Adelaide. Thank you to all who made time to visit the trade display. It was appreciated. The Passport competition worked very well and was appreciated by all. Good thinking SA.

Mat van Heerden asked that I post a letter of appreciation for the interest shown in the equipment they had on their stand. Kevin Budd from PK Morgan has also expressed appreciation of the interest shown in their equipment.

Dear Kevin

We, at Technipro would like to thank all of the delegates at this year's ANZSRS meeting, who took the time to come and chat to us at our stand.

We had quite a number of your members, express an interest in several of our items on display and we will be following up on individual queries in due course.

Kevin Budd, the general manager of Morgan Medical, was impressed with the level of interest shown by so many of your members, in the new Mass Spectrometer and we look forward to showing it to any members wishing to see it in Sydney and surrounds.

Thanks again to everyone who visited our stand.

Yours sincerely

Mat van Heerden
Sales Manager

Mat also provided the attached announcement of a new product from Cortex for risk assessment using sub maximal exercise testing.

Graham Hall of Princess Margaret Hospital for Sick Children in Perth provided the following with regard to an Australian option for validating our calibration syringes.

Certification of Respiratory Function Calibration Syringes.

Fixed volume syringes are used daily in the calibration of flow sensors in the Respiratory function laboratory. The 1994 ATS guidelines recommend syringes have an accuracy of at least 15 mL or 0.5% full scale (15 mL for the standard 3L syringe). Manufacturers must provide recommendations concerning appropriate syringe calibration intervals.

The NSW Standards Laboratory of the Office of Fair Trading is able to provide independent calibration and certification of volume syringes.

The following procedure is used:

  • A frame is constructed to hold the syringe vertical above a balance, plunger end down.
  • The top end is removed.
  • The plunger is extended to the extreme of its standard measurement, based on marks on the shaft.
  • The scales are tared to account for the weight of the empty vessel.
  • The syringe is filled with distilled water and weighed (indication of balance is equal to volume of water, corrected for temperature).
  • This procedure is repeated four more time (ie. total of five fills)
  • The syringe is dried out, before reassembly

The Standards laboratory charges 136 AUD per hour and estimate a syringe would take approximately two hours, with a turn around of 10 working days. A certificate is provided on completion of the procedure.

Respiratory Laboratories interested in this service should contact:

David Kendell
Supervising Inspector,
NSW Standards Laboratory
Office of Fair Trading
Phone: 02 8467 4400

Mike Green from Viasys also wished to express similar thoughts to Mat vanHeerden plus he included some photos from the exhibition (see below, KG). Credit also goes to Mike for the caption competition photo!

First of all, thank you to all customers who were able to attend the inaugural workshops prior to the conference. We hope to continue this and similar events throughout the years to come, so please keep posted to this website for further announcements.

We hope you all enjoyed the conference and especially the dinner, and a special thank you to the organising committee for their effort, and to David Sharp - an excellent selection from your own cellars!

Viasys Australia is pleased to announce a special offer on the SpiroPro handheld Spirometer, which now interfaces directly into the Sensormedics and Jaeger systems, allowing more freedom of testing with the ability to perform tests outside the laboratory, but to integrate the data into the main system. Please call our customer service number on 1300 360 226 for information, pricing or to place your order.

I hope you also enjoy the attached photos. I am not sure of what some of them mean, but hopefully the people concerned can tell us later.

Mike Green
Viasys Australia

Mike has also advised that Sensormedics has just released Version 6.2A operating software for existingVmax Legacy customers and Version 11.2A for Vmax Spectra customers. If you have not been contacted already, please call our customer service number on1300 360 226 to obtain further information. Please note that Version 11.2a is for Windows 2000 systems only, and we have been informed that Version 7 (Legacy) will be released shortly, which is to also run under Windows 2000.


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