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June 2003

The news you have all been waiting for! Who won the caption competition? Mike Green advises: "I would have to say the entries came in thick and fast and we have thought long and hard about who should win. The eventual winner was Jacquelyn Furler with

"Ah, come on; BIG breath in and see if you can blow off all the petals"

There were several notables, some of which I couldn't include but found amusing to say the least!

The runner up would have been:

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Now I've resigned,
Can you tell me what to do."

Despite sending their e-mail to me, the author requested complete anonymity."

Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to Jacqui. Thanks too to the "victims" for being such good sports.

Mat van Heerden of Technipro advises that Andrew Pearce, Asia Pacific Manager for Cortex, will be visiting Melbourne, Perth and Sydney at the end of May/beginning June to launch Statera. This is a new product from Cortex that is based upon a sub-maximal exercise test and used for risk stratification in cardiac patients. A brochure on this new system was posted last month's Trade Topics.

Ed van Riet , also from Technipro, is currently at the ATS meeting and will then be visiting the UK to see Morgan and PDS for continuing negotiations with the Ferraris Group



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