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December 2002

This page is still gasping for breath. I have had too many other things to deal with this month to chase it aggressively but will have one more go at it for next month. Perhaps another way of kicking it off would be submit questions to the Trade via this page. I would be happy to forward questions on for responses to post on this page. Suitable questions would have to be general in nature rather than specific to one make and model.

The big news this month has been the announcement of the very generous sponsorships by RJ & VK Bird in support of the Young Investigator Award and by Technipro Marketing of the Best Oral Presentation Award. These awards recognise the importance of attending meetings and developing networks in the development and progression of our membership. Only by having opportunities as provided by these awards can we develop as scientists and researchers. The value in these two awards goes well beyond the dollars.

Networking is also a crucial part of our own Annual Scientific Meeting and we are extremely fortunate to have Viasys sponsoring our Annual Dinner once more. The Dinner is a very important aspect of the meeting where we are able to develop networks and honour those of our members receiving awards.

It is also worth noting that all three companies are Sustaining members of our Society. I would suggest that whenever you are talking to the Trade you raise the question of their becoming a sustaining member of the Society and give them a copy of the application form off the net. Currently we have only 4 sustaining members and maybe this is not a sufficient base on which to build this page. We should be promoting ourselves and more members would allow me to develop more services for them. You guys are the ones best placed to do this promotion for the Society.

Mike Green of Viasys has sent in two links of interest. The first describes the evolution of the Sensormedics Vmax system into the Spectra, the latest in a long line of systems. This info can be found at http://www.viasyshealthcare.com/smc/Products/Diagnostics/Vmax.asp. The second link announces the imminent launch of Jaeger's Oxycon Mobile. This info can be found at http://www.jaeger-toennies.com/english/products/cardio-respiratory/cardiopulmonary-ex-testing/oxycon-mobile/oxycon-mobile.html (note an underscore between oxycon and mobile!). Mike also suggests contacting Louise Mitchell for any further information lmitchell@viasys.com.au .

Kevin Gain



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