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November 2002

It was nice to reclaim my corner of the library for a few hours again this month. I did have to resort to a few on-line journals but went to specific journals. That is the key difference I think between the two approaches. In the library I will scan a lot more journals as my eye moves across the shelf and I do pick up interesting things in the process, not necessarily relevant, but certainly interesting. Scanning the journals electronically is fine for going to specific journals with high probability of relevance but the rest get ignored. It encourages specialisation which can be a good way of destroying lateral thinking.

There was an interesting discussion of biases in

  • Spectrum Bias or Spectrum Effect? Subgroup Variation in Diagnostic Test Evaluation. S.A. Mulherin and W.C. Miller. Ann Intern Med. 2002; 137:598-602

that could be of interest in the context of predicted values and so on.

There was an interesting paper describing the patient's perspective on coping with COPD

  • Impact of COPD in North America and Europe in 2000: Subject's perspective of Confronting COPD International Survey. S. Rennard et al. Eur Resp J. 2002; 20:799-805.

Still on the COPD tack

  • Grading the severity of Obstruction in the Presence of a Restrictive Ventilatory Defect. D.L. Balfe and Z. Mohserifar. Chest 2002; 122: 1365-9.

And for a bit of a challenge between GP's and Specialists

  • Medical therapy for COPD: lessons from the real world. P.M.A. Calverley. Eur Resp J. 2002; 20:797-8

For those interested in a bit of background there was a review on Rheumatology that could be useful in boosting your knowledge abut a condition we see frequently in the lab:

  • Rheumotology. P.A. Schlesinger and J.W. Leatherman. Amer J Resp Crit Care Med. 2002; 166:1161-5.

I came across a number of papers directly related to Lab work for a change:

  • ATS Statement: Guidelines for the Six-minute Walk Test. Amer J Resp Crit Care Med. 2002; 166:111-117.
  • A Sport Specific Protocol for Diagnosing Exercise -Induced Asthma in Cross Country Skiers. J. Ogston and J.D. Bucher. Clin J Sport Med. 2002; 12:291-5
  • Measurement of Interrupter Resistance: Reference values for children 3 - 13 years of age. P.J.F.M. Merkus et al. Eur Resp J 2002; 20:907-11
  • Effect of Pattern and severity of respiratopry muscle weakness on carbon monoxide gas transfer and lung volumes. N. Hart et al. Eur Resp J 2002; 20:996-1002
  • Tuberculin Test Measurement. Variability due to the time of reading. D. Singh et al. Chest 2002; 122:1299-1301.

Another "journal" I came across was from a very useful series that I often overlook, Clinics in Chest Medicine. The December 2001 issue was devoted to Pulmonary Function Testing and has some very useful reviews in it

  • Pulmonary Function Testing. Geoffrey L Chupp (ed) Clinics In Chest Medicine. 2001, Volume 22 Number 4. W.B.Saunders, Philadelphia.

For those wanting to give up sputum induction the news was all bad

  • Meta-analysis of diagnostic procedures for Pneumocystis carinii in HIV-1-infected patients. M. Cruciani et al. Eur Resp J 2002; 20:982-9.

For sleepers there were a couple of papers that caught my eye:

  • The effect of Correction of Sleep Disordered Breathing on BP in Untreated Hypertension. K.M. Hla et al. Chest. 2002; 122:1125-32
  • Home Sleep Studies in the Assessment of Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome. R.Golpe et al, Chest. 2002; 122:1156-61.

Still on sleep there was an interesting concept that I had not picked up previously - read that to mean I am looking for contributors! -

  • Top Ten List in Sleep. W.McD. Anderson. Chest. 2002; 122:1457-60.

From one extreme to the other, a must read is

  • Clinical Exercise Testing edited by I.M. Weisman and R.J.Zeballos. Progress in Respiratory Research Vol 32 ed by C.T. Bollinger, Karger, Basle, 2002.

There was also an interesting paper related to exercise

  • Non-invasive Assessment of Cardiac Pumping Capacity During Exercise Predicts Prognosis in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure. C. Scharf et al. Chest. 2002; 122:1333-1339.

On a more general note there were some interesting reads. The changes in expectations and approaches to publishing Amer J Resp Crit Care Med. Were described with some potential lessons for our own publications

  • The Journal in 2002. M.J. Tobin. Amer J Resp Crit Care Med. 2002; 166:1153-56.

A bit of philosophy never hurt anyone so have a look at

  • Evolution: The Founding Principle of Animal Models of Human Disease. S.P. Schiffer. Comp Med. 2002; 52:305-6
  • Empathy and the Literary Imagination. L.J. Schneiderman. Ann Int Med. 2002; 137:627-9.

And finally for those who want something to nibble on as they sip their cappuccino whilst perusing the literature

  • Almonds and CHD risk - Dose Response Study. D.A. Jenkins et al. Circ. 2002; 106:1327-32.

Happy browsing,




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