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June 2002

This month I include some interesting references that I found whilst scanning the Journals this last month. Scanning the journals can throw up many interesting things - related and unrelated to our work - and will encourage lateral thinking. This is something that is not fostered by doing computer searches on specific topics.

Now for a few papers that caught my eye this month:

  • CJ Dakins et al, Inflammation, Infection and Pulmonary Function in Infants and Young Children. AJRCCM 165:904-910,2002. Prior to the Cairns meeting this would probably have missed my eye.

  • N.Lechtzin et al. Spirometry in the Supine Position improves the Detection of Diaphragmatic Weakness in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Chest 121:436-42, 2002.

  • Cardiovascular Research 53(3), 2002. Spotlight on Gender & the Cardiovascular System. Issue devoted to exercise and cardiovascular system.

  • J.J.W. Lisker et al. A Systematic Review of the effects of Bronchodilators on Exercise Capacity in Patients with COPD. Chest 121: 597-608, 2002.

  • Cunningham, A.J. et al. Breath Analysis to Detect Recent Exposure to Carbon Monoxide. Postgrad Med J 78: 233-7, 2002. This has some useful data on CO levels in smokers versus non-smokers.

  • Verin, E. et al. Evidence for expiratory Flow limitation of Extra-thoracic Origin in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Thorax 57: 423-8, 2002. Method based on use of negative pressure applied to mouth during flow manoeuvre. OSA patients used as subjects because they were known to have extra-thoracic obstruction.

  • Chinn, S. Comparing and Confirming Studies of Bronchial Responsiveness. Thorax 57: 393-5, 2002.

  • Doherty,C. Mentoring GP Non-principals in North West London. Cont Prof Develop GP Non-principals 13: 146-9, 2002. Perhaps a little out of left field but could sow the seeds for developing a mentoring system amongst scientists and lab managers.

  • Tauber presented an interesting viewpoint on documenting patient interventions in an editorial entitled "Putting Ethics into the Medical Record" in Annals of Internal Medicine 136:559, 2002. Recording our interventions in the patient notes is something I suspect we may not do as well as we should.

  • Finally something we all believed, or wanted to believe in. A reassuring paper from M.J.Kleg et al in Arch Int Med 162:657-665,2002 entitled "Coffee Intake and Risk of Hypertension. The Johns Hopkins Precursors Study".

Now all I need is a decent coffee machine in the library!

Happy reading,




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