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ANZSRS Life Member

Life Membership is awarded to recognise a member who has contributed in a major way to the development, promotion and running of the Society. The focus of this award is service to the Society.

Life MembersYear Awarded
Alan J. Crockett2000
Stephen N. West2001
Paul A. Guy2002
Maureen M. Swanney2004
Kevin R. Gain2005
Judy Roget2008
Michael Brown2010


Fellowship and Society research Medal is awarded to recognise a member for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of knowledge in respiratory science in Australia and New Zealand. The focus of this award is research contributions that have advanced knowledge in respiratory science.

FellowsYear Awarded
Sandy D. Anderson2000
David P. Johns2001
Lily Daviskas2003
Alan J. Crockett2004
Graham L. Hall2010
Associate Professor Bruce Thompson (Melbourne)2011

ANZSRS Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to recognise a person who is not a member of the Society but has made an outstanding contribution to respiratory science and the Society.

HonoraryYear Awarded
Kim Prisk2007
Robert Jensen2009

ANZSRS ASM Research Awards

Year Venue Young Investigator Award Best Oral Presentation Best Poster Presentation The Bob Jensen Award for Excellence in Respiratory Measurement
2000 Melbourne Paul Finlay Danny Brazzale Lily Daviskas -
2001 Brisbane John Camps Debbie Burton Billy Skoric -
2002 Cairns Christene McLachlan John Brannan Rob Tagliaferri -
2003 Adelaide Christine Nathan Graham Hall Sue Downie -
2004 Sydney Not awarded Phillip Munoz Paul Kelly -
2005 Perth Faizel Hartley Leigh Seccombe Andrew Coates -
2006 Canberra Lauren Wallace Jeff Pretto Elizabeth Salamon -
2007 Auckland Not awarded Catherine Walsh Lauren Wallace -
2008 Melbourne Catherine Walsh Graham Hall Robin Schoeffel -
2009 Darwin Vanessa Kelly Peter Briffa Karla Logie -
2010 Brisbane Mahesh Dharmakumara Leigh Seccombe Josh Stanton Vanessa Kelly
2011 Perth Not awarded Dr Maureen Swanney (Christchurch) Ms Anne-Marie Gibson (Melbourne) Mr Christopher O'Dea (Perth)
2012CanberraKate HulmeMahesh DharmakumaraMark DavisKarla Logie



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