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July 2011

The Solstice is behind us and winter has really set in over here in the West. It has been a hectic month filled with big decisions. Not the least has been the launch with this update of the new look web-site courtesy of Bill Noffsinger.

The issue has the usual Regional News with changes afoot in many regions. Library can provide some reading for sitting in front of the fire, its too cold to sit and read at work right now. Even though the Board have been enjoying holidays, David has still managed to pen a Communiqué. Train of Thought ponders matters photographic and questions a paradigm. There is an update from the Global Lung Initiative on reference equations and their application. We also have the solution for that very interesting Case of the Month posted by the Victorian people last month.

David in his Communiqué is calling on members to step forward and get involved in the development of the web-site. Bill Noffsinger too has been calling for input and expressions of interest in his capacity as Director responsible for communication and the web-site. Please consider what you might have to offer and get involved. It is your web-site and needs to deliver what you want from it. Without your input, we cannot hope to succeed in delivering a product that the Society (YOU) needs.

For those who may be interested there are still two sets of equipment up for sale. Check them out on the noticeboard.

I hope there is something of interest for you all in this issue.




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