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The Certification Examination for Respiratory Function Scientists was developed to assess the professional knowledge of practitioners performing clinical respiratory function testing and to set a uniform minimum standard of knowledge appropriate to the competent performance of basic respiratory function testing in Australia and New Zealand. Enquiries regarding the Certification Examination should be directed to Mr Peter Rochford at peter.rochford@austin.org.au

During 1992 and 1993 the Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science (ANZSRS) Inc. conducted a series of meetings to describe the role and duties of Australasian Respiratory Function Practitioners, and to gather other information that would define the content and complexity of the Certification Examination for Respiratory Function Scientists. Overseas organisations already providing credentialing examinations for respiratory function practitioners, including the United States of America National Board for Respiratory Care, and the Canadian Association of CardioPulmonary Technologists, were contacted for advice and assistance. The input of these organisations is gratefully acknowledged. The examination was subsequently developed by a committee composed of academics, respiratory scientists and physicians utilising established examination development procedures.

A study guide was developed to assist candidates to prepare for the Certification Examination for Respiratory Function Scientists. The study guide comprises two sections:

  • the admission policies, examination rules and other relevant information concerning the administration of the examination. Any questions regarding this information or your application to attend the examination should be directed to peter.rochford@austin.org.au
  • the content upon which the examination is based including a list of references which can be used to direct your study. Also included is a 100-question self-assessment examination. The questions in the self-assessment examination are similar in scope and difficulty to those in the actual Certification Examination, consequently the self-assessment examination gives a valuable insight into the depth of knowledge tested in the Certification Examination. The self-assessment examination includes an answer key.

The material in this study guide is not intended to be a substitute for a commitment to a thorough education in the theory and practical aspects of respiratory physiology and its interpretation.



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