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Annual Scientific Meetings 1982-2008

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Each year the ANZSRS Inc. organises a two-day scientific meeting which enables Society members and others working in the field of respiratory science to present their research findings to their peers in a scientific forum. Educational sessions are often incorporated into the scientific meeting, and previous meetings have been highlighted by keynote addresses by invited speakers. Previous international speakers include Prof Jack Clausen, Dr David Denison, Dr Jerry Dempsey, Dr Robert Crapo, Prof Kim Prisk, Dr Jason Bates and Dr Robert Jenson.

An important element of the annual scientific meeting is the trade display where companies involved in the provision of respiratory medicine and science in Australasia are invited to demonstrate their products to the meeting attendees. Details for companies wishing to participate in future scientific meetings are available from the Secretary of the Society.

The scientific meetings are traditionally held at the same venue as, and just prior to the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand scientific meeting to enable ease of attendance to both meetings.



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